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Peat moor:

Therapeutic mud or Torf moor mud is considered by many the apothecary of nature, taking 10000 to 15000 years to develop. Organic matter through centuries long decomposition includes the residue of many herbs, trees, flowers, grasses and other plants and is rich in amino acids, minerals, proteins, vitamins and trace elements.

Already in 1827 the natural moor mud was used by Dr. Ludwig Kunstmann at the spa in Bad Steben.

During your initial consultation with the doctor the proper form, placement and temperature of the treatment will be established, that it will be the most beneficial for you. You will immediately notice that the moor treatments are soothing and relaxing but also draining and it is important to listen to your body and rest afterwards.

The benefits of natural peat moor helps to relieve the discomfort of rheumatism, muscle ache, joint pain, releases toxins from your body and of course, promotes deep relaxation.