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Radon water therapy:

Radon treatments are not for everyone and seem to be very controversial, especially here in the USA. The EPA warns that constant exposure to radon over the years possibly increases the risk of lung cancer, but thousands and thousands of people all over the world believe that low dose radon therapy has offered them, according to their experiences, not a cure but a long term relief from their aches and lessening of their pains.

During the middle ages some mineral water wells, like Bad Gastein, Austria; Ischia, Italy and Bad Steben where said to receive their healing powers from the “Spirit of the well”, but in 1904 it was established, that these wells contained low levels of radon gas as an active ingredient.

According to the Bad Steben web site, the total concentration of the radon used in a complete set of treatments is about the same as you would receive during an X- ray.

With the occurrence of natural carbon dioxide in the mineral water the radon content can be decreased to achieve the same results

Please research the pros and cons of radon for yourself before deciding on treatments.

Treatments like radon or many of the others will be evaluated during your initial consultation with the doctor in Bad Steben and prescribed by him.

The doctor at the relexa is a fully accredited medical doctor, specializing in sports and health spa medicines.

Information on this page was taken in bits and pieces from numerous web sites. We deem this information accurate, but as this subject seems to be controversial, as with many treatments even quite a number of treatments accepted by our medical society, it is up to you to decide if these treatments are for you!

As health spa visits are customary for Germans and are in most cases covered by their health insurance plans, they are still not widely accepted by the American medical community.

We are not, nor claim to be health professionals.

We do not make any claims, medical or otherwise that these treatments are cures for your ailments, nor endorse or recommend any treatments for you

It is each person’s own responsibility to research if any of these treatments are right for them