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Mineral water:


Drinking natural mineral water does not only quench your thirst, but will replenish your body with dissolved minerals and other trace elements necessary for normal body functions.

During daily routine activities or even more so strenuous work and exercise you expel necessary minerals, which are not produced by your body, but need to be replenished. Mineral water is the best solution for this as the minerals are already dissolved and more easily absorbed.

It is also important to drink mineral water daily, your body will thank you.

While staying at Bad Steben a drink therapy (Trinkkur) is used to help normalize your digestion and replenish and detoxify your body  


Submerged in a Mineral water bath, bubbles tickle the skin like champagne, and the carbon dioxide is absorbed into the body where blood vessels expand and circulation is improved, the blood pressure drops and a tranquil feeling envelops you.

Bad Steben mineral water springs are naturally carbonated, this means that under the law they come out of the ground with a minimum of 1000 milligrams of carbon dioxide per liter of water. The Wiesen spring comes out of the ground containing over 3700 milligrams and the Max-Marien spring has more then 2700 milligram of natural CO2.

Combine the benefits of a mineral water bath with the revitalizing aroma of orange blossom or soothing lavender for a true symphony for your senses.

Water- the cornerstone of our existence without it life as we know it would not be possible.

Germans take their water, especially their drinking water, like almost everything else, very seriously. To the extend, that water for human consumption is classified into five different groups,starting with

“Leitungswasser” (tap water):

2/3 of it comes from underground sources, with the rest from surface water like lakes or rivers. Mostly filtered and quality checked with chemicals added in co ordinance with the German drinking water laws and regulations.

“Tafelwasser” (table water):

Filtered bottled water can be artificially carbonated and fortified with minerals, which can be stored and shipped in tanks and barrels and bottled in any bottling plant. Can not have the wordnatürlich(natural) in its name or on the label. Our soda water comes close to it.

“Quellwasser” (spring water):

Has to come from underground sources and must be bottled at the location of the well. It has to comply with the drinking water law.

“Mineralwasser” (mineral water):

From underground sources which are naturally guarded against contamination. It has to be from pristine clarity in its natural state. Must contain all of its water soluble minerals as it comes out of the ground. Only three things are allowed to be done to the water, iron and sulfur in the water are allowed to be removed and natural carbonation is allowed to be added. It has to be bottled right on site and needs the seal of approval from the German government. To receive the government approval the water has to undergo about 200 separate tests by an approved independent laboratory in regularly scheduled intervals. The well known French “Perrier” water falls under this classification.

“Heilwasser” (healing water):

Natural healing water have to comply with the same rules and regulations as the mineral waters, with the added benefits of having healing, obviating or alleviating properties. Licensed by the German government only if the healing effects of the water are scientifically proven.

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The mineral waters in Bad Steben fall under the “Heilwasser” category

According to, it is not allowed to advertise mineral water in the USA as beneficial for your health